Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Nomads Punishment Excessive

Well, playing 18 games away is very excessive a punishment for the Nomads.

Not before the Super League of Malawi defines the terms 'fan' and 'supporter' and clearly set down a Code of Conduct for club fans (*is it supporters).

Otherwise, the punishment meted on Wanderers, which includes a K500,000 fine, will do nothing to deter people from engaging in violence.

For once, how do you identify true supporters? And, then, how do you distinguish them from 'fans'?

We must realise that soccer violence is a river with many outlets. Referees, journalists, officials are all, somehow, involved.

I will ellaborate later, when I will have all the time over my head.

Enough for now. Enough to know that Malawi soccer will never develop.


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