Monday, August 8, 2011

Big Brother Amplief Hang-Over

Why is it that, after every Big Brother Season, people get so angry in the end?

There are hopes, of course, and expectations- and these make the game interesting as it goes on.

But when these expectations fail, it pains inside. Especially because some of the winners are outright suspicious.

For heaven's sake, how can Luclay be denied the Big Brother Amplified prize money. In my, and many other people's opinions, Luclay deserved to get a share of the US$200,000 moola.

Lomwe, too.

You know what? There will be no surprise during next years Big Brother Season (that is, if organisers of the show still believe that there are many more years of cheating remaining) because the winner will be a South African.

It is all in the open. South Africans are angry, and justifiably so.

MNET will compensate them next year.

Last year, we all remember how favourite boy Munyaradzi Chidzonga got cheated at the end of the sojourn.

The question remains, though: Is it in the design of Big Brother seasons that people should get so excited about the show when in season, and angry afterwards?

You will find that this anger disappears everytime time we hear of another season of Big Brother.

Actually, I always go and pay for my DSTV connection every time I hear that the Big Brother show is back, and stop paying immediately after the show. Soccer does not matter to me, the continuous plays, and whatever.

The Big Brother show does.

Well, in conclusion- though alittle late than the flight that took our Big Brother Amplified representative, Lomwe, home landed- let me welcome Lomwe Gaga home.

He was great. He made us smile.

After after coming home empty-handed, Lomwe is full of the warm spirits. He is so happy, so inspiring.

Welcome home Lomwe, a.k.a Tendai Namate.

You made us proud. The future is long ahead of you, and so promising.

Don't count on it Malawians; next year is for a South African to win. It has been pre-arranged by the organisers of the show.

What an African shame!

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