Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Arsenal for Life!

...All we need is a dosage of ambition

Pain does not pain; it is the truth that does.
But Manchester United fans are making this very mistake- sorrying us, the die-hard Arsenal Fans, over the disaster that was Sunday. 8-2 is, surely, a sad day for us.

It is so simple to say: Arsenal for Life

In fact, it is more than sad; it is as sad as it is disheartening.
But people like me, the real Arsenal fans, are not moved. This sort of thing happens, perhaps after 50 years or so, but it does happen.
When it does, it saddens. It pains, even.
But you don't send condolences for the pain because pain does not pain. It is the truth that does.
For instance, 8-2 is the truth about the results of the Manchester United Versus Arsenal game. It follows, therefore, that this truth pains for the losing side's, in this case Arsenal, fans. It is not the pain over the loss that pains.
Well, let me take this opportunity to reiterate what I have declared before: Arsenal for Life!
Let me also say that we, The Gunners, love Arsene Wenger so much. He is such a wonderful manager.
Of course, we need to buy players. And that is what Wenger is doing right now.
Are we not buying from Germany, and Brazil?
Fact is, we are. That is why we have made the moves on Mertesacker (a deal reportedly in the ranges of £7.9 million) who plays for Werder Bremen, and 28 year-old Santos. Santos plays for Fenerbahce, and will go at £6.2 million.
Well, in conclusion, let me say kudos to Arsenal fans. Sure, it pains, but let us take it from there.
As for Wenger, he is a great coach. He knows how to mould youngsters into monsters.
He just needs to be more ambitious. That is all we need. That is all we expect of our team. That is all we expect from flamboyant manager Wenger.
That is all...as I declare again: Arsenal for Life!

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