Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Malaria Again

...When shall my Malaria drug-resistance come to an end
I don't know why Malaria picks on me all the time. I don't know why- no matter what I do, and how many times I take precautions (sleeping in a mosquito net all the time, spraying insecticides)- I always have Malaria bouts three-times a year.
To make matters worse, I have always been resistant to all the Malaria drugs prescribed, and recommended by the Malawi Government,all along. Starting with Novida S.P., Quinine, Norolon, what have you- always resistant.
That explains why I am resistant to the current Malaria regime: L.A..
It is always frustrating to take Malaria prescriptions used in other countries like Tanzania.
You see, I have always wondered why I am not resistant to Tanzanian drugs for Malaria. Actually, when I have Malaria, I buy Tanzanian drugs, and get better always.
That makes me wonder: Does our government, the Malawi Government, make the wrong choices on Malaria drugs? How come many other people develop resistance to our line of drugs all the time?
It buffles me that people like me develop resistance to newly-introduced Malaria drugs all the time. Even when I am taking medication for the first time, as is the case with L.A. and S.P. before, I don't get healed. I get worse, in fact.
What is wrong?
I don't know. Perhaps our highly-esteemed doctors can have an answer on why they always 'pick' drugs that people like me always develop resistance to.
As I am speaking, I have the current Malaria drug regime at home, six dosages in fact, for six Malaria attacks.
It is all useless. I am resistant to that annointed heir of government.
But the truth remains that, now, the Malaria 'on me' is getting tough; the body is so hot one (I don't want to say 'I') almost expires.
That is why (I will say where I am going right now, and where I will be twenty minutes from now- for, perhaps, two hours) I am now heading to Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital (Q.E.C.H).
I just hope that, with the reported shortage of drugs (a fact Ministry of Health Spokesperson, Henry Chimbali, has confirmed in the newspapers and to Zachimalawi today) I will not be given L.A.. It will do nothing on me. I am resistant.
I hope I will get the second-line Malaria drugs.
I hope...
Hope to 'see' you again, not very 'far' from now.
I hope I will get better.
After all, don't I get better twice a year?
But everything belongs to our Heavenly Father, the Lord God of hosts.
I trust in his care.

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