Monday, April 4, 2011

Pakistani atrocities in occupied Balochistan

Victims tortured and executed

US and UK supply weapons to Pakistani military killers

Peter Tatchell of the Peter Tatchell Foundation writes:

"The mutilated bodies of five more disappeared persons have been found in Pakistani -occupied Balochistan. The bodies bore bullet wounds and marks of torture. The dead included current or former student leaders. Witnesses stated that they were abducted by persons in uniform and in plain clothes who identified themselves as Pakistani intelligence agents, according to the Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC)," said Mr Tatchell.

See the full AHRC report here:

"These extra-judicial murders are the latest of dozens of targeted assassinations of Baloch nationalist leaders and human rights campaigners by the military and intelligence services of the colonising power, Pakistan. The apparent aim of the Pakistani security services is to decapitate and liquidate the leadership and defenders of the Baloch nation.

"Disappearances in Balochistan have become routine, with thousands going missing in recent years. Most are unaccounted for. Some have ended up in the torture chambers of the western-backed Pakistani military. In the last year, more and more disappeared persons have been extra-judicially killed, probably to ensure that they can never testify against their abductors and torturers.

"In 1948, less than a year after securing independence from Britain, Balochistan was invaded and annexed by Pakistan. The Baloch people never voted to be part of Pakistan. They have been under military occupation ever since. A succession of Baloch national leaders have been overthrown, jailed or assassinated.

"Pakistan is a neo-colonial occupying power. It is denying the Baloch people the right to self-determination; systematically violating human rights, destroying Baloch culture and exploiting the mineral riches of Balochistan while leaving its people in abject poverty.

"Britain and the US supply military equipment to the Pakistani armed forces, some of which is being used to suppress the Baloch people. US-supplied fighter planes and attack helicopters are used to bomb and strafe Baloch villages," concluded Mr Tatchell.

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