Thursday, April 7, 2011

Congratulation Go To Malawi's Immigration Department for A Job Well-Done

Zachimalawi wishes to thank officials at the Immigration Headquarters in Blantyre, and Central Region office in Lilongwe, for a job well-done.
Malawians are happy that you people are keeping your promise on effective, efficient service delivery.
It all started last year when the Malawi Government announced that it was phasing out the old passport because it was heavily-tempered with by Nigerians and other nationalities.
At first, Malawians did not rush to Immigration Department offices as they felt that K15, 000 (up from K8,000) was far beyond the reach of the ordinary Malawian for just 'one' passport.
Then, citizens realised that the Bingu wa Mutharika administration was not joking; it was serious business.
So, people started flocking to Immigration Department offices; what with Authorised Dealer Banks announcement that they would no longer accept the phased-out passport as a legal document.
The Immigration offices were full of people; that officials introduced shifts for the first time.
This has worked; people are very happy.
I applied for a passport, paid K15,000 because I was ready to wait for it for a month.
Guess what? Before the end of 30 days, my passport was out.
I saw my name on the Immigration Department's Notice Board.
I was happy.
So were many people.
You people are making us proud.
This government is doing a good job, after all.
Congratulations the Chief Immigrations Officer; congrats President Bingu wa Mutharika.
Malawians are proud of you.
You really deliver.
On behalf of the ordinary Malawian, Zachimalawi says 'Thank you'!

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