Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Oh, Malawi

Where goeth thee?

Perhaps, as other people have suggested, our leaders are too educated for our level; our calibre.

Perhaps, try to elect 'pure villagers' in 2014.

Perhaps, they will understand.

How do you expel your best friend; the one who was there for you when you nearly starved?

The one who loved you; really loved you and peacefully handed over power to the locals in 1964.

And lovingly so.

Would the real Ngwazi (appearing above) Have done this?

This, what the junior Ngwazi has done?

This shame he has committed in our face?

This Ngwazi. Professor Bingu wa Mutharika!

A professor without students!

Professor Without-Students Bingu Webster Thom wa Mutharika!

But we are here; to serve our country from tyranny.

Which tyranny the expelled British envoy talked about.

He was right.

Should you need me, to expel me, for this: find me in Mbayani Township. Gaisi, to be precise.

I tell you, you will not win without scars!

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