Thursday, April 7, 2011

How Strong is the Malawi Civil Service, Plus Ghost Government Workers

The Malawi Civil Service is 169, 000 strong.

However, Information and Civic Education Minister, Symon Vuwa-Kaunda, feels that this figure is riddled with ghost workers.

In all, fhost workers cost the Malawi Government in excess of K2 billion.

Secretary to the Treasure, Joseph Mwanamveka, is attempting to stop all this day-light robbery.

Instead of being praised, he has received strong opposition.

Kaunda feels that the opposers- including the Civil Service Trade Union) has been benefitting from ghost workers' pay.

However, let it be said, also, that civil servants are not happy with delays- for some, two months' salary delays- to receive their pay.

One civil servant- who last month had decorated his office with Democratic Progressive Party colours (blue)- has removed all ruling party symbols at the Southern Region Government Head Offices.

"I am very angry. If Mwanamveka is behind all this mess, then, he has cost President Bingu wa Mutharika votes," said the irate civil servant.

He was happy yesterday, howver, when two of his friends gave him K250.

The past two months, he has been busy begging cash from friends.

All this because of a good system gone bad. Gone bad because it was hastly implemented.

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