Saturday, August 27, 2016

Zimbabwe's moment of madness

The hope, when dipped in the soup of desperation and anger, has the effect of giving people a false sense of accomplishment.
What else, if not hope for a 'better'life, could be fuelling the fury of Zimbabweans who have turned against themselves by destroying property and looting in Zimbabwe's capital, Harare.
This wave of demonstration is a self-defeating recipe for disaster.
If not because it will take months, and millions of dollars to redo what these demonstrations are undoing, it is because it is the regret that will surely come that will defeat Zimbabweans' sense of purpose.
Come to think of it, where on earth do people turn on a legitimately government to force it's leader out? The worst part is that the world, which has often called for respect for letimately-elected government, has decided to watch as a hot-blooded child turns on them self, burning their finger and stuff.
Let me put it this way. When Malawian visit Harare, they often regret that they 'chased' the colonial masters quicker than necessary. Harare is a city, real city, while Malawi's capital of Lilongwe has a tinge of a village.
And Malawian can't help but feel sad that,today, Zimbabweans are destroying what they did not construct: Harare!
The only thing, or, rather, being they constructed, namely Robert Mugabe, is not there to be destroyed.
Illegitimate lyrics that is.
My apologies but, today, I did not want to come out clear.
The kind of deliberation the Zimbabweans have put into the act of destroying themselves.

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