Friday, August 5, 2016

Malawi Government Shaming Itself on Hapless Eric Aniva

The Government of Malawi has been behaving like an African elephant that falls on a hapless grasshopper.

Look, the way it has treated Nsanje man Eric Aniva is, to say the least, heartless.

Even the Nsanje Magistrate Court should be ashamed of itself. How could it deny Aniva his right to bail? People have committed serious offences in this country and received court bail.

Why should Innocent Aniva be incarcerated for days on end, as if he went about raping and defiling women? The truth is that the man was paid to do whatever he did.

President Peter Mutharika acted out of emotions when he ordered that Aniva be arrested. He is Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces, yes; but he should not abuse his powers.

Just imagine, what would stop him from ordering the arrest of political opponents? The truth is that the President has set a very bad precedent and Malawians should not condone that.

I am, therefore, glad that, sensing danger, and that some people want to gain political mileage out of the hapless Aniva, the Malawi Law Society has come forward to represent him.

Yes, Malawi Law Society President, John Suzi Banda, has confirmed on Friday that the society has stepped in because, like any other citizen, Aniva has a right to a fair trail. Bravo the Malawi Law Society.

To say the truth, the Malawi Law Society has come in to challenge Mutharika's decision to order the arrest of innocent people, or those deemed to have 'wronged' the law.

The President may one day order the arrest of people who have done nothing wrong, save for differing with him on some issues, and we will have no moral justification to condemn the president.

Come to think of it, Aniva is HIV+. And, come to think of it, he is being peddled like a chicken for sale. And that is bad.

Who infected Aniva? It's definitely the women because, when you are a hyena, you do it without putting the rubber on.

And Hyena practice involves adults.

Is Aniva taking his ARVs now? The prison conditions in Malawi are horrible and it is a shame that the United Nations commended the continued incarceration of Aniva of these flimsy grounds.

Shame to human rights!

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