Friday, August 19, 2016

Telecommunications' sector cheating Malawians on 'Spy machine'

For sometime, Malawians have been hoodwinked into believing that the Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (Macra) is up to something bad.
And the victim of the Macra's act, we have been made to believe, is the individual citizen.
That individual citizens have come to believe this version is testimony of how powerful telecommunications companies are in Malawi.
Nobody knows where the issue of Macra planning to spy on Malawians using the 'spy machines', as opponents call Macra's revenue analysis machine, came from, but it must be from some public relations people.
The truth, though, is that Malawi needs the so-called spy machine because, as things stand, nobody, not even Macra, knows how much telecommunications companies generate a year.
Malawi relies onion formation from these companies, actually, and that is a bad way of operating because you cannot ask a cow you are about to milk whether it is ready for milking.
It will surely tell you it has malaria!
But, then, the fact that Malawians quickly believed the telecommunications sector players means they -- Malawians-- do not trust Macra.
It is up to Macra to work on this!
Otherwise, the revenue arising out of taxes milked out of telecommunications companies may go a long way in lifting Malawi out of the pit of poverty.
At least if the money is used for the intended purpose!

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