Monday, June 6, 2016

President Peter Mutharika's Administration running out of steam

The signs are everywhere: President Peter Mutharika and his Minister of Finance and Economic Planning are tired, old men who have nothing constructive to offer to this country.
In their wisdom, the two tired, old men think that talk time, news print, among others, are luxuries this nation can do without.
Come to think of it, in their tired brains, the two tired old men have decided to bring back the late president, Bingo wa Mutharika's script that all but buried freedom of expression in this country.
Bingu, for starters, introduced surtax on news print, thereby influencing price adjustments. Well, people did not stop buying and reading newspapers.
Today, the two tired old men have decided to take us back to the Bingu-situation. They have, in their tired wisdom, decided to impose new suitable measures on news print. The effect is immediate. The cover price of local newspapers have gone up by K50.
At the moment, the most extensive newspaper in Malawi -which mostly happen to be weekend papers- goes at K450 but, thanks to the tired wisdom of two old men who seem to have run out of steam, that is bound to change in the coming days.
The newspapers have made their intentions clear through notices in the newspapers.
I do not know how the Mutharika brothers developed an aversion to freedom of expression, but what I know is that their hatred of the same is so conspicuous it stinks!
Retire, two old men!

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