Saturday, June 4, 2016

Malawi Revenue Authority is Bad Mother

Malawians will work up one day and discover that all their companies are owned by the Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA)!
I say so from an experience I had in Zomba on Saturday. One grocer was visited by MRA officials on Friday and told to shut down the grocery in Zomba Central Business District because he has not remitted tax for goods he sold on pay-forward basis.
I was there and saw it with my own eyes!
We MRA is doing is turning citizens into slaves of debt. If you sell something on credit, MRA seems to think, you have to borrow money to settle taxes for monies you have not collected!
Where one gets the money, the MRA does not care.
This practice is counter-productive and must stop immediately. If the bosses at MRA have run out of ideas, let them resign.
Let business organisations and individuals settle tax dues when they have the money at hand, and not when MRA unreasonably demands that organisations and individuals source money from wherever they can to settle MRA dues even when the money is not readily available because the client will pay forward.
It is an acceptable practice in business to pay forward, especially when there is trust between seller and buyer.
MRA is milking the cow that is traders thin and, with zero-aid budgets, it may discover that it has nobody but itself to milk.
Lastly, let me thank the United States Embassy for the Samsung Galaxy Tab I received as my prize for being Media Institute of Southern Africa - Malawi Chapter Best Blogger of the Year 2016. As you can deduce, the Galaxy Tab is now working and there is no excuse for not posting everyday, even though I have three more months to finish my Bachelor of Arts (Communication and Cultural Studies) programme, which affected the frequency of blog posts in the last two years. Thanks for being there for me, and for sticking to the boat./i>

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