Sunday, June 26, 2016

Lagos-based Malawians Form Hunger Taskforce

Malawians based in Lagos, Nigeria, have formed what they call Malawi Anti-Hunger Taskforce to help mobilise funds fr hunger-stricken families back home.
State President, Arthur Peter Mutharika, declared a State of National Disaster on April 12 this year, after Malawi failed to meet its national food production needs.
Finance Minister, Goodall Gondwe, announced in the 2016/17 budget statement that the country requires an additional 790,000 metric tonnes of relief food to support an estimated 8.4 million people. An additional 250,000 metric tonnes is required for sale in Agriculture Development and Marketing Corporation markets.
That is not all, though, as 250,000 more metric tonnes are required to restock the strategic grain reserves.
Chairperson for the Lagos-based Malawi Anti-Hunger Taskforce, Emmanuel Mtambalika Mapasa, said the tasforce has managed to mobilise 26 Malawians and has so far mobilised K5.6 million for the cause.
"Our target is to raise funds amoubting to K500 million from Malawians based in Lagos. So far, 23 Malawians have pledged to contribute money ranging from K1 million to K3 million by July 15 this year. We plan to send a delegation of four people to Malawi to present the funds through the Office of the Vice President. We would have loved to present the funds through the formal diplomatic system but I think you know that fraud is rampant in our embassies," said Mtambalika Mapasa.
Mtambalika Mapasa has been staying in Lagos for the past 15 years.

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