Saturday, April 2, 2016

Why Do Women Dump Babies?

A woman from Chiwembe Township, for whatever reason, decided to wake up in the middle of a lonely night on Friday [last night], grabbed her newly-born baby [two days old], she did not breast-feed the baby.
Instead of giving her the mother's warm milk, she took the baby to Limbe River. Yes, the polluted river in he middle of a lonely night on Friday.
The baby must have thought that it was in the hands of its lovely mother. Safe, warm and at ease. Well, the other had other plans.
She travelled a kilometre to Limbe River, threw the baby in the polluted waters, and-- without thinking twice-- rushed home.
Nobody knows what went on in her head-- that woman.
She had a baby. People, including her relatives and neighbours in Chiwembe, saw her with the baby and rejoiced.
But, then, the mother takes the baby to Limbe River, maybe thinking that all these people would not realise that there was a kid missing in the house, threw the baby home and, as cool as, I do not know what, went back home to embrace peaceful sleep.
Well, around 2pm on Saturday [today], people realised that there was a baby missing. They cornered the woman and the woman stumbled on her own words. They call it a confession.
She told them where she dumped the baby: Limbe River.
So, people from Chiwembe have been combing the river. To no avail.
They think the baby is dead.
Village Headman Chiwembe has just called the police.
When the police intervene, Zachimalawi will make the details of the mother available.
Back to the question: What factor would motivate a woman to dump her own baby?
Definitely, not love.
It must be pain-- great pain-- that forces women to dump their own babies!

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