Sunday, April 3, 2016

Prophet Mboro Has Got It Wrong on Malawians Mocking His Name

... There is no word called 'Mboro' in Chichewa
South African preacher, Paseka Motsoeneng, popularly known as Prophet Mboro, is in the news for his purported visit to heaven.
But that visit is not the focus today.
We are not evening talking of him selling the pictures apparently depicting him in 'heaven'.
For starters, Mboro is the leader of Church of Incredible Happenings. Recently, [and this is March 30 this year], the church's spokesperson is quoted by the BBC as saying that "the prophet did go to heaven" during an Easter church service and that while there "he took pictures" using his smartphone.
Mboro has gone to the extent of asking those who want the pictures to make a donation of 5,000 rand.
Well, as we said, that is not the issue today.
The issue is about Prophet Mboro complaining that Malawians are mocking his name which, as some foreign media put it, mean the private parts of a man in Chichewa, the most widely spoken language in Malawi.
Well, that is not true. Mboro does not mean private parts of a man in Chichewa. The Chichewa equivalent of the private parts of a man is 'Mbolo' [penis].
Actually, some people have tried to play around with my surname, leaving the Chi at the beginning of my surname and then juxtaposing the ro-mbo, making it 'Mboro'.
In their view, they think they are being sarcastic but they are not. The word 'Mboro' simply does not exist in Chichewa and has no meaning.
So, Prophet Mboro should rest assured. Theere is nothing wrong with his name. In fact, it is an innocent name.
It is the word 'Mbolo' that is a problem and an obscene word.
Rest assured, Mboro!

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