Tuesday, March 11, 2014

'Rev. Lazarus Chakwera's Childish’ Rant Unacceptable'


Malawi Congress Party (MCP) President, Dr. Lazarus Chakwera, recently went to town on Dr. Joyce Banda's Government, describing it as ‘CHILDISH’ for the manner in which it has allegedly handled several issues of national interest.

State House believes that Dr. Chakwera’s sentiments are motivated by an apparent outrage at the prospect of losing the Presidential Elections, which are only two months away. Faced with an atrocious past during its 30-year reign, Dr. Chakwera’s MCP has a lot of work to do to convince the Malawian voter that the days of ‘DEATH AND DARKNESS’ shall never return to haunt Malawians anymore.

State House would like to state that Dr. Chakwera’s assertions are unacceptable, to say the least. His description of this administration is rude and that he is being disrespectful not only to the Head of State and Government but also to the people of Malawi.

State House would like to state without any fear of contradiction that at no time has the Dr. Joyce Banda administration ran away from the issues rocking the nation today, including the ‘infamous’ Cashgate Scandal (sic).

Her Excellency the President, Dr. Joyce Banda, has made it clear, from the outset, that these are our problems, as a nation, and that the solutions to these challenges ought to be home-grown. She has, however, invited cooperating partners, including friendly foreign governments, to assist the country in dealing with these challenges.

Dr. Chakwera ought to be reminded that among the many bold decisions that Her Excellency Dr. Banda has taken in the light of these unfortunate events, was to invite to State House all influential groups, including Civil Society, Private Sector and Political Party leaders to ‘brainstorm’ on how the country can effectively confront these challenges.

State House believes that Dr. Chakwera's approach to these issues lacks political etiquette. It is absolutely unfortunate that this is coming from a man who only one year ago was leading people to spiritual awareness and moral uprightness. It is unbelievable that such careless talk can originate from a man who seeks to lead the entire nation as Head of State.

In his wildest imagination, Dr. Chakwera suggests that the Government of Malawi is deliberately conniving with the British Government to hide the names of individuals and companies mentioned in the ‘Cashgate’ Forensic Audit Report.

State House does not wish to overstress that this matter has legal implications. It is therefore only fair and imperative to leave the matter to the relevant experts to handle.

However, suffice to reiterate that the decision NOT TO RELEASE the names for “legal, ethical and professional reasons” was solely made by the British Government, who ironically funded the forensic auditing exercise. As a leader who aspires to become Head of State, Dr. Chakwera must understand that legal matters cannot be handled as village operations.

Finally, State House believes that it is only when Dr. Chakwera chooses to be sober about these issues that he is going to see the merit of some of the decisions surrounding them. State House wishes to educate Dr. Chakwera that a ‘Childish Government’ does not operate by consensus; a ‘Childish Government’ hides behind curtains when problems arise.

Her Excellency the President, the Ministers of Finance and Information and other Government officials have held numerous press briefings to explain all matters of national importance. You do not consider that “CHILDISH”.


Elias Wakuda Kamanda

March 11, 2014

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