Saturday, March 15, 2014

Court Finds One Guilty for Corruption

In September, 2010, the Anti-Corruption Bureau received a complaint alleging that Mr. Peter Mtamula from Chalemera Village an off shoot of Dzikolatha village bribed STA Ndakwera in Chikwawa district with K6,500.00 so that STA Ndakwera should rule in favour of him in a land dispute with Mrs. Melesita Lawrence Notesi.

The Anti-Corruption Bureau instituted an investigation where it was established that Mr. Mtamula Bribed the Chief who in turn reported the matter to Nchalo Police Station. Nchalo Police referred the matter to the Bureau.

The Anti-Corruption Bureau took Peter Mtamula to Nchalo Magistrate’s Court. He was charged with one count of corrupt transaction with public officers contrary to Section 24 (2) of the Corrupt Practices Act.

On 12th March, 2014, the Nchalo Magistrate’s Court found Peter Mtamula guilty of the count convicted him accordingly. He was sentenced to twenty four months imprisonment with hard labour. The sentence was suspended to twelve months on mitigation that the convict is old (70 years) and not in good health most of the times.

The Bureau commends STA Ndakwera for ensuring that justice is not prevented by corruption and calls upon all to follow the good example shown by STA Ndakwera by reporting the corrupt to Police or the Anti-Corruption Bureau.


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