Monday, March 24, 2014

Malawi Law Society Says: Political Violence Threatens The People of Malawi’s Right to Rule

The Malawi Law Society (MLS) has noted with great concern and outrage the senseless violence that occurred at Goliati Trading centre in Thyolo that claimed the lives of a civilian and a Police Officer and the other incidences of political violence that have occurred and the continued blame game which is raging on which is not only exacerbating the situation but also threatens the holding of free and fair elections in this country. MLS condemns in no uncertain terms those involved in perpetuating this political violence, such barbaric behaviour cannot be tolerated in a democratic dispensation such as ours. When we opted to become a democracy we gave the right to rule to the people of Malawi and they exercise this right by electing their preferred political leaders .The people’s right to govern themselves is therefore being threatened and challenged by this barbaric political violence.

Our politicians should not underestimate the effect of political violence on the development of our country. Political violence breeds political instability and this in turn affect a number of developmental issues including investor confidence and respect for human rights, we only need to look at some of our neighbours to realise the impact of political instability on the citizenry.

The MLS calls upon leaders of different political parties to take responsibility for their supporters and make sure that whoever instigates violence should face disciplinary action or even expulsion from the party. We also urge the different political leaders to come up with various means to create employment and business opportunities for our youths and desist from using them as tools for political violence. We also call upon the Malawi Police Service to vigorously investigate the incidents and bring to book all culprits involved regardless of party affiliation.

Felisah Kilembe,
MLS General Secretary

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