Monday, February 24, 2014


WHEREAS the Malawi Electoral Commission ‘hereinafter called the Commission’ received nomination papers from
aspiring Presidential candidates at the Chichiri International Conference Centre (COMESA) Hall in Blantyre from 10
th to 14th February, 2014;

WHEREAS the Commission analysed all the nomination papers of all the Presidential candidates;

WHEREAS the Commission took cognizance of the qualifications and disqualifications of a Presidential candidate in accordance with the following:

Malawi Constitution Section 80(3)
: Every presidential candidate shall declare who shall be his or her First Vice President if he or she is elected at the time of his or her nomination.

Section 80 (6)
: Notwithstanding any provision of this Constitution to the contrary, a person shall only be qualified
for nomination for election as President or First Vice-President or for appointment as First Vice-President or Second Vice-
President if that person

a) Is a citizen of Malawi by birth or descent; and

b) Has attained the age of thirty-five years.

Section 80(7): No person shall be eligible for nomination as a candidate for election as President or First Vice-President or
for appointment as First Vice –president or Second Vice-President if that person-a) Has been adjudged or declared to be of unsound mind

b) Is an undischarged bankrupt having been declared under a law of the Republic;

c) Has, within the last seven years, been convicted by a competent court of a crime involving dishonesty or moral turpitude;

d) Owes allegiance to a foreign country;

e) Is a holder of a public office or a Member of Parliament, unless that person first resigns;

f) Is a serving member of the Defence Force or Malawi Police Service; or

g) Has within the last seven years, been convicted by a competent court of any violation of any law relating to election of the President or election of the members of Parliament.

Parliamentary and Presidential Elections Act Section 49(1): The nomination of a candidate for election to the office of President shall be made by at least ten registered voters in each district each of whom shall sign the nomination paper in the prescribed form which-

a) The candidate or his election representative shall lodge with the Commission;

b) Shall be countersigned by the candidate, endorsing thereby his acceptance of the nomination;

Section 50(1): At the same time as nomination papers are lodged by or on behalf of a candidate for election as President, there shall be deposited with the Commission by or on behalf of the person nominated, such sum as may be fixed by the Commission.

IN PURSUANCE of Section 51 of the Parliamentary and Presidential Elections Act (Cap. 2:01) of the Laws of Malawi;

DO HEREBY DECLARE and MAKE KNOWN that the Presidential candidates in the Schedule have been duly nominated to contest the 20th May, 2014 Presidential Elections in the Republic of Malawi.

Should there be any person aware of the facts contrary to the provisions above in respect of any candidate, let them
write the Commission, within seven days of the publication of this notice, providing evidence on the same to the following

The Chief Elections Officer,
Malawi Electoral Commission,
Chisankho House,
Private Bag 113,
or email

Made this 19th day of February, 2014.

Justice Maxon Raphael Mbendera, SC


1. People’s Party (PP, Dr Joyce Hilda Banda (Female) and Sosten Alfred Gwengwe (Male)

2. Malawi Congress Party (MCP), Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera (male) and Richard Msowoya (male)

3. People’s Transformation Party (PETRA), Kamuzu Walter Chibambo (male) and White Millen Scander (male)

4. New Labour Party (NLP), Friday Anderson Jumbe (male) and Joseph Petro Kubwalo (male)

5.Chipani Cha Pfuko (CCP), Aaron Davies Chester Katsonga (male) and Godfrey Matenganya (male)

6. Peoples Progressive Movement (PPM), Mark Katsonga Phiri (male) and Prof Jacob Fojamuheni Crossan Mbunge (male)

7. United Democratic Front (UDF), Atupele Muluzi (male) and Dr. Godfrey Moses Chapola (male)

8.Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), Prof. Peter Mutharika (male) Saulos Klaus Chilima (male)

9. Malawi Forum for Unity and Development (MAFUNDE, George Nnesa (male) and Sylvester Chabuka (male)

10. National Salvation Front (NASAF), James Mbowe Nyondo (male) and Ethel Peter Changa (female)

11.United Independence Party (UIP), Abusa Helen Singh (female) and Chrissy Ndhliwase Tembo (female)

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