Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Bath and Tile: The answer to all your tile needs

The builder or construction engineer’s life will no longer be rough and lonely.

Malawi Bath and Tile and Tile and Tap, which became the country’s sole Somany ceramics’ authorised distributor in 2011, is the new friend for all your tile needs in either rural or urban areas.

Realising that the individual of today gives place to the individual of tomorrow, and that the need to set high quality tile standards is growing ever-more pressing in the world, Somany has set the pace in the production of trend-setting, durable, and high quality tiles.

And, despite increasing competition in the building and construction industry, Somany products have continued to fare well, mainly because of the producer’s dedication to quality. That is one of the reasons some of Somany’s authorised distributors, including Bath and Tile and Tile and Tap in Malawi, were invited to participate at the 25 – 29 September 2012 ‘International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings’ in Bologna, Italy.

Somany Ceramics Limited’s Head of International Business, Amit Bhatnagar acknowledged that the “support of our business partners has made Somany a force to reckon with, which has led to Somany enjoying a strong ranking in the Global Ceramic Industry”.

It comes as no surprise, therefore, that, as one of the highest producers in the world, it is Somany that supplied tiles for the underground train systems in India and the United Kingdom. In Africa, it has been supplying tiles to a number of 5-Star hotels, creating a reputation as one of the leading producers of high-quality ceramic products.

“Actually, we would like to target hotels here in Malawi. If the tourism industry wants quality tiles; if those who want to construct complexes want quality and durability, Somany is the right choice,” says Irfan Nathanie, Manager for Malawi Bath and Tile and Tile and Tap.

For being the only distributor of Somany ceramics in Malawi, Malawi Bath and Tile and Tile and Tap is now stocking world class tiles, saving local companies and individuals the hassles of importing such products into the country.

“We have the capacity to meet any demand because Somany operates in 80 countries worldwide. Using technology from Italy, the company’s reputation as a supplier of tiles continues to grow worldwide.

“Somany has the capacity to produce 30 million square metres a month, with a generous guarantee period,” says Nathanie.

Nathanie says people who are looking for wall and floor tiles can now celebrate following the availability of such products in the country, courtesy of Malawi Bath and Tile and Tile and Tap.

He says, with its two outlets- located in Blantyre, opposite the United Democratic Front headquarters, and in Area 4, opposite Zanzibar, in Lilongwe- Malawians are guaranteed unlimited access to Somany ceramic products.

In fact, as if to ensure that there is a continued flow of such products, Malawi Bath and Tile and Tile and Tap also imports some materials from China.

“Our company also serves as direct importers of tiles, accessories, furniture, bath fittings, toilet sets, shower cubicles, sinks, and unique sinks. As I am speaking, we have just received new stocks of products such as cornices, complete doors, finger chairs for kids, and many more,” says Nathanie.

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