Saturday, February 8, 2014

Annulment of Proposed Nominations by Substitution


(for immediate and urgent release to all Political Parties and the Media)

At the NECOF meeting of 31st January, 2014, Political Parties proposed and the Commission agreed to allow Political Parties whose original sponsored candidates have been rejected by the
Commission to arrange for substitution of their rejected candidates.

The concession was made with a view to avoid wastage of time resulting from appeal processes to the High Court. The Commission has studied and given due consideration to the applicable legal framework. The Commission has concluded that the proposed scheme for substitution after closure of nomination is not allowed under the law and is unworkable.

Accordingly, all Political Parties and candidates are informed that the proposed scheme has and is hereby annulled. The rationale for this reversal was discussed with Secretaries General of parties under the Centre for Multiparty Democracy (CMD) on 6th February, 2014.

The meeting considered and agreed, among other issues that the substitution arrangement is unworkable due to its negative potential to make the nomination processes uncertain and open ended.

Therefore, there will be no substitution of candidates after the nomination period has closed.

Dated at Lilongwe this 7th day of February, 2014.

Justice Maxon Mbendera, SC


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