Monday, June 3, 2013

South Korea Jobs: Government Says Dealing with Private Agencies

Moon Sung Hwan,Director at the Africa Division of South Korea's Foreign Ministry, was right, after all.

The sting in Hwan's words that “Our government has not received any official request from Malawi that they want to send their workers to our country” has evolved, within 60 hours, into a soft caress.

Malawi's Youth and Sports Minister, Enock Chihana, has acknowledged that the Malawi Government has not been dealing with the government of South Korea, putting its trust in private agencies, instead.

"We are working with private agencies. There is nothing strange with this. It is normal, in some cases, to deal with agencies," Chihana told Zachimalawi on Monday.

Chihana said, however, that this did not mean that the deal was risky, maintaining that the Malawi Government would do everything possible to safeguard the rights of its citizens.

"We are following all the necessary processes. Visas are being processed. We don't think that the government there (South Korea) can deny our youths visas simply because we are dealing with private agencies. We are following all the normal procedures," Chihana said.

He said the government of Malawi wanted to create employment opportunities for its youth, a development he said would help "develop the nation as a whole, and our economy in particular".

"This is a caring government. President Dr. Joyce Banda has the interest of Malawians at heart," Chihana said.

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