Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Pathological Point as Malawi's Flames Meet Namibia

This time next day, Malawians will have forgotten their pathological rivalry (when it comes to supporting local football clubs) buried it under the hut of sentimentality, and recovered their less pathological stance again - thanks to one-and-a-half hour of a common global war fought with leather 'bullets'!

What occasion is this, bring people of different temperaments and heights together? It's the Flames, of course- the Malawi National Football Team. The senior team.

The Flames face Namibia in a World Cup qualifier this Wednesday, a day when, to Malawians of all ages, all motifs will weave into one word: Flames!

Flames coach, Edington Ng'onamo, told Zachimalawi that his charges will be up to the task.

"We have done our home work. We are ready for battle. What we need is the support of our fans. We know it is a Wednesday, and Malawians are not used to this. Still, they should come in their numbers," Ng'onamo said.

When the Flames faced Namibia in Windhoek earlier this year, they came back victorious- without nursing the scars of a bad memory. Indeed, they overwhelmed their luggage with stories packed in humorous knots.

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