Saturday, June 1, 2013

MISA Malawi calls for immediate arrest, suspension of Parliamentary Chief Security Officer

May 31st 2013- The Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) Malawi Chapter is calling
upon the National Assembly and the Police to act on Parliamentary Chief
Security Officer Youngson Chilinda for assaulting Photojournalist Thoko

Chilinda allegedly assaulted Chikondi, a photojournalist from one of the
country’s major publishing giants Nation Publications Limited (NPL) on
Thursday, May 30, while covering presentation of a petition to Parliament
by the Consumers Association of Malawi, (CAMA).

MISA Malawi condemns such barbaric and retrogressive behaviour in the
strongest manner possible and would like the National Assembly to take
serious disciplinary measures on Chilinda. MISA Malawi would also like the
police to arrest and prosecute Chilinda for beating up the

MISA Malawi believes that the media have a right to gather and report
freely within Malawi and abroad and to be accorded the fullest possible
facilities for access to information as enshrined under section 36 of the
Republican Constitution. Taking photographs is part and parcel of a
journalists work to gather and report matters of public interest and
Chilinda’s actions clearly violates this provision.

Apart from violating this provision, Chilinda also assaulted and injured
Chikondi who had to be treated for bruises and soft tissue injury at
Kamuzu Central Hospital (KCH).

This act is not only barbaric and retrogressive but also a sad reminder of
the dark days every Malawian is trying to forget.

MISA Malawi therefore requests the National Assembly and the Police to
take immediate action on Chilinda. The National Assembly should suspend
Chilinda for his barbaric actions and the police should charge and
prosecute him for assault.

MISA Malawi is monitoring the situation and will continue doing so until
the matter is dealt with to our satisfaction.


MISA Malawi Chairperson

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