Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Kinnah Phiri is not a good coach; the guy just has stone-hard luck

Kinnah Phiri, the so called 'magic' coach for Malawi, is a miserable coach. I have always doubted his credentials. The guy just happens to bump into luck each time.
But he has nothing tactical about football in his big head.
Look at the way he makes scathing remarks about his own players in the press. Joseph Kamwendo, I must say, is my man- the epitome of skill and talent. Of course Fische Kondowe has no skill, the guy is just a useless hard worker. Not with Kamwendo! The marvelous player- one of the best Malawi has ever had.
And Kinnah wants to chase that kid. The problem with Kinnah is that he wants to promote his cousins in the national team. Did you know that there is a man called Saliwa Munthali, a cousin to Kinnah, who plays in the same position as Kamwendo? Kinnah wants this guy in (into the national team) at the expense of Kamwendo.
It is utter-most nonsense.
Yesterday, I had the opportunity to talk to Kinnah, at 12:46p.m, at Chitawira Shopping Centre (As I ate some Chimtuwi). Kinnah bought some sausages and a copy of the Guardian Newspaper (I mean our own Bakali Maulidi edited Guardian) and was heading out when I bumped into him.
I have interacted with him before, but only when he has a complaint to make against some Football Association of Malawi officials- more often when he feels that they are sabotaging him.
But this time, it was me complaining to him.
Kinnah Phiri, the so-called best Malawian (local) coach to date was brunt when I asked him about Joseph 'Shakira' Kamwendo. He said:
"The boy is big-headed. Let him resign, we have a lot of players of his calibre. After all, two months will not pass before he changes his mind and comes back into the Flames side. It has happened with Esau Kanyenda. Let the kid (Kamwendo) go and rest as he says."
I was disappointed. That's when I told him he was a 'rotary' coach, that everything that has happened was by chance, that he has o tactics and that he is, in truth, a failure.
He got angry, rushed to his vehicle and drove away. Of course he called me that evening and said I did not handle the issue well.
But I know, deep down, the way he cruised from Chitawira Shopping Centre, running away from me in anger, is the way he will appear when we, Malawians, will chase him from our national side.
Being a little bit too dark does not make a coach too local.
I rest my case.
It is my way of rushing out of a place, like did Kinnah, of course. Kinnah Phiri, you are a useless coach. I want my Kamwendo back.

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