Friday, August 27, 2010

Bingu wa Mutharika has no powers to close down Malawian newspapers

This one is for you, His Excellency the State President of the Republic of Malawi, Sir.

I was there, at the Trade Fair Grounds yesterday, when you threatened to close down newspapers purported to be funded by donors. It is a shame, I must say- the most senseless speech of the Century. I mean, Millennium.

Who do you think you are, His Excellency the State President of the Republic of Malawi, Sir, to threaten to close down our wonderful newspapers?

By the way, when last did you buy a newspaper yourself, Sir. Actually, you don't buy newspapers with money from your pocket; you use money from tax-payers. Me and my fellow citizens.

And you have the qualm to say you will not hesitate to arrest journalists and close down newspapers. Did you pay for their fees, the time they went to school?

In fact, you promised to send some journalists to school for further education. nd today, you haven't done that. Unfulfilled promises.

Unlike His Excellency the State President, Ngwazi Professor Bingu wa Mutharika.

Some misguided Malawians, because of the ignorance we have, and which you take advantage of to hoodwink us, are even calling you Professor Doctor. When will Malawians learn?

Now, let me tell you, Sir, that you have no powers to close down our newspapers- not even a muscle to do that. Because it is illegal.

Sometimes, your ill-advised advisers aremisguiding you- feeding you bluffy meals. One day you said Mr. Humphreys Mvula owned the Dispatch Newspaper, when he owned The Malawi Standard. And you said it in public. Without any regrets.

It is a sign of the mediocrity of some of the people we call Presidentail advisers. Actually, you choose them either because they are related to you; or they are political zealots from your party- the mighty Democratic Progressive Party.


But you have no powers to close down newspapers and arrest journalists in this country. This is free Malawi. And we don't fear to fight for our rights.

We will not allow you to close down our newspapers. No. Not when I live.

You simply have no such powers. Zachimalawi has said. And this is more than a Presidentail Decree.

Hear this; hear this. You will not close the papers.

After all, you have tried to 'kill' some of the papers by freezing govenment adverts. And failed.

This threat is an acknowledgement of failure. Oh, yes! Failure. Failure to choke and kill our papers.

I now I willnot allow you to close down our newspapers. More so when you have no newspapers of your own, which I know would have been a failure.

You contributed nothing to these newspapers. In fact, you have them.

This is our country. We will defend it from impunity and dictatorship.

Yes, we will.

I suspect that you were sent by our donors to say this!

It is a reckless statement that will never be allowed to pass. No.

Not when Zachimalawi is here.


You have no powers to close down our newspapers Sir; and such powers you will never have.

I rest my case.


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