Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Joseph Kamwendo should reverse decision

Joseph Kamwendo, that stunted young man (but more skillfull, anyway) should reverse his decision to resign from the Flames. We need him; we love him; we support him.
Kamwendo should not make some rushed decisions simply because of that confused man called Kinnah 'Electric'(Electric kunyumba kwake!?) Phiri. A man who played boring soccer but never missed the chances, especially kuheda mpira, because of the size of his head. You know, our coach has, sort of, an over-sized head, which he uses to intimidate the likes of Kamwendo and Esau Kanyenda.
This coach is, to say the truth, useless, tactless, and ... I don't know what: a failure. Yes. A man who goes about carrying luck in his side pocket.
Kamwendo should not base his decision on this confused man called Kinnha Phiri. Kinnah has done his miserable part. He was just fortunate that he went to the Angola Afcon with the Flames. Even with a monkey as coach, the Flames would have gone to Angola in January this year.
Only that, with a monkey or chicken as coach,the Malawi Senior Football National Team would have bitten Angola and Mali. Because because confused Kinnah Phiri was there, in charge (sadly), the team (as expected) lost. All credit must go to the confused man who found himself at the right place at the right time- the tactless Kinnha Phiri himself.
Kamwendo should not resign because of this Kinnah Phiri. The coach always wants to find scape-goats.
Let's chase this guy before he kills Malawi football. He ius uselessly dangerous.
As for Kamwendo, please don't quit.
But, should you stick to your decision, I say: You were a useless player, too. A pint-sized player who resigned when he was at the pinnacle of his carrier. I think it is because of your new hair-cut.
Again, if you decide not to rescind your decision, I add: Sudzatalika mphwanga! Loo, takaonenei kufupika!
But, should you reverse your decision, I say: Man, you are the greatest player of this decade. Talented, skillful, and what have we. You are the source of our pride.
Now, Joseph Kamwendo, which path do you choose to take? Wishing you, and Kinnah Phiri, of course, all the best. That is, if you make good decisions.
I rest my case.

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