Saturday, July 3, 2010

Traffic police officers are not above the law

I am very angry right now; my heart has still not settled.

Some Blantyre Traffic Police officers wanted to hit me with their Toyota Hilux vehicle.
It was deliberate. The guys were coming from Blantyre Market and took the left lane that takes motorists to Blantyre Magistrates’ Court. Suddenly, they changed their mind and turned right, violating traffic laws of the land.
I am not ashamed to say these were three ignorant people, as seen through their lips heavily black with cigarette smoke.
Oh, yes.
And they thought they were above the law.
I stopped abruptly, surprised that we have some ignorant people in the Malawi Police Service. Or Else, people who deliberately violate the law because they are police officers.
So the guys tried to intimidate me, asking whether I didn’t see the vehicle.
I told them they are the ones who were in the wrong; taking the wrong turn.
I told them they could not intimidate me, upon which they threatened to bundle me into their car.
But here I am, and it is my turn. If those three misfits see this, they should know that they are fools.
I stand here, on the high mountain, undisturbed. I don’t fear them.
Being a traffic police officer should not mean hitting people on our roads deliberately. The guys with black lips due to heavy cigarette smoke are in the wrong professions.
No wonder, Police Chief Peter Mukhito often warned that the Service will fire police officers who abuse their office, and connive with criminals.
I support him.
Let him know, also, that there are police misfits like the three I met.
The three are foolish officers.
And I am angry.
Right now, I am going out to look for them.
Fools who wanted to hit me deliberately and flouted the country’s rules. Misfits in society.

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