Tuesday, January 10, 2017

No More Rogue and Vagabond

Since 1964, Malawi Police Force [now Malawi Police Service] officers have been thieves who have survived on money stolen from the poor.
A stranded man, powered by nothing like money in the pocket and whatever little was kept there, could be cornered by corrupt police officers who would demand some money or take the poor individual to a police cell.
The money involved in the corrupt practices is usually called 'Ya Udzipulumutse Wekha' [Save Yourself Dues].
Meanwhile, the rich and affluent continued to drive posh vehicles in the dark of night; unperturbed by police and whatever sense of justice remains in the corrupt nation called Malawi.
It was the poor who were the targets of systematic theft.
Which is why Tuesday is a momentous day for Malawians as the High Court in Blantyre has ruled that rogue and vagabond is "unconstitutional".
Hail justice!

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