Friday, January 13, 2017

Malawi Government Closes Down Times Group

The Malawi Government, through the Malawi Revenue Authority, has closed down Times Group.
Times Group is Malawi's oldest media house, established in 1895.
Officials from the revenue collection body have seized vehicles, closed down Times Radio, Times Television, The Sunday Times, The Daily Times, Malawi News-- media outlets of the company.
Times Group publications have been publishing stories about the maize scandal, in which grain marketer, Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation bought maize from Zambia on exorbitant prices.
Meanwhile, officials from MRA are on the premises, chasing everyone out of the company.
Times Radio is meanwhile playing music, while Times TV is not broadcasting live.
MRA claims Times Group owes them money.
The notice came Thursday evening and, instead of waiting for the company to respond, they have seized company property.

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