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Nissan’s ‘King of the Off-Road’ On Safari in Majete Wildlife Reserve

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Nissan’s ‘King of the Off-Road’  On Safari in Majete Wildlife Reserve

  • Iconic Patrol  NissanKing of the Off-Road - to showcase its extreme capabilities in Majete Wildlife Reserve driving event

  • Built for Africa, Patrol embodies Nissan's 4x4 heritage and is the ultimate expression of innovative technology and engineering prowess

  • Nissan committed to continue developing and launching all-new models for African customers over the next three years

MALAWI, Blantyre(07 September 2015)–Nissan's legendary Patrol will prove why it's known as the 'King of the Off-Road' in Africa during a challenging two-day driving and discovery event in Majete Wildlife Reserve, Malawi.

The event, which will feature popular TV host and 'Big Brother Africa' star Masuzgo Msiska, is being held to strengthen the Nissan brand in an important sub-Saharan market and let Malawians experience one of the most iconic models from Nissan's global portfolio.

On September 14, potential customers and members of the Malawi community will set off from the Mount Soche Hotel in Blantyre to put the Patrol through its paces on safari and experience first-hand the superior performance that has earned the 4x4its ultra-dependablereputation spanning more than six decades.

The second trip on September 15th will give membersof the media greater understanding about the all-round capabilities and benefits of Nissan's flagship SUV, as well as the many roles it can play – both on and off-road.

“The seventh generation Patrolis the greatest advancement in 4x4 history - a formidable presence in the African off-road vehicle landscape with the intelligence to adapt to any terrain and instant power on command,” says Ian Bartlett, Chief Executive Officer of Nissan Malawi.

“From the very beginning, the Nissan Patrol has been synonymous with power, with each new model employing advanced technologies that enhance both on and off-road performance to unsurpassable levels.”

Travelling in Africa presents a diverse range of challenging landscapes and Nissan Malawi will show how well-equipped the Patrol is to tackle any terrain with performance, stability and control.

“The Nissan Patrol is built for Africa -the hero of all terrains. It’s a vehicle that showcases Nissan’s innovative technology and engineering capabilities with surprising fuel efficiency,” says Bartlett.

Designed for people who have achieved success in life, enlivening the status they deserve and living the lifestyle they prefer, the Patrol combines performance and ruggedness with meticulously crafted luxury.

The 5.6l V8 engine offers the ultimate power trip. Variable Valve Event and Lift (VVEL) and Direct Injection Gasoline (DIG) technologies, improve power and torque with lower emissions.

The 7-speed VVEL automatic transmission with manual mode, offers seamless acceleration with 298kW of power and 560Nm of torque that delivers a drive of unmatched performance and dynamic control.

The ALL MODE 4x4 system utilises advanced electronics to ensure that no matter how severe the driving conditions, the Patrol will be able to grip the road at all times by transferring drive between wheels and axles.

Hydraulic Body Motion Control (HBMC) system offers 4-wheel independent suspension. Working with the chassis and body frame the system maximises the suspension stroke on off-road running and prevents roll angle, to maintain flat riding with high damping force at cornering, “Which gives it superb stability on rugged and sandy terrain, while also delivering a comfortable ride in the city,” Bartlett says.

Bartlett says he is eager to showcase what the Patrol can do, particularly in sandy or gravel slopes and steep inclines while still driving in supreme comfort.

“With the Patrol’s technology, the driver will feel secure in any situation, even down a slippery slope without the need for braking, or through deep water, keeping the driverin perfect control with confidence.”

By combining functionality, versatility and powerful performance with an attractive design, superior styling and refinement, the Patrol takes sophistication and capability to a whole new level.

In Africa’s diverse population, products require new configurations to suit the distinctive needs of a young, increasingly more urban populationwhich aspires to more sophisticated products and services.

“Nissan develops products to fulfil this trend and will introduce new models into Africa during the next three years,” adds Bartlett.

Joining the Nissan Malawi team on day two is the celebrated local TV presenter and host – Mr. Masuzgo Msiska who is also the current holder of the coveted title of Mr Malawi. Mr Msiska - known to the locals as Mr 265 - earned continental popularity when he took part in the widely broadcast reality TV show – Big Brother Africa.

As part of Nissan’s wider ambition to grow significantly in the continent, the company's sub-Saharan operation has partnered with strong, local distributors such as Nissan Malawi, which is committed to evolve and play an important part in the growth story of Africa by exerting more influence in local markets.

Malawi is a key market for Nissan in Africa as itrepresents opportunities for business growth, trade and investment.

Nissan Malawi remains committed to provide a world-class automotive experience with quality customer engagement, and ongoing focus on sales and aftersales service.

It is well-positioned to meet the needs of Malawian customers with a showroom in Blantyreand sub-dealerships in Lilongwe and Mzuzu, and is confident of becoming the number one car dealership in Malawi - delivering the products and services the new generation of Africans expect and deserve.

The Nissan Malawi showroom is opposite the Wenela Bus Depot in Blantyre Malawi.

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