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Announcement of The Determination of The Results for Parliamentary and Local Government Elections

June 2, 2014

Fellow Commissioners;

Representatives and leaders from Political Parties;

Distinguished Representatives of the Diplomatic Community and Development Partners;

Representatives of Observer Missions, both Domestic and international;

Representatives of Civil Society;

Staff of the Malawi Electoral Commission;

Distinguished members of the Media; and

Distinguished Guests;

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen:

On behalf of the Malawi Electoral Commission I am pleased to announce the results for the 2014 Parliamentary and Local Councilor elections.

The Electoral Commission has striven to ensure that every vote counts in these elections. This was a unique process, allowing for the concurrent election of the President and Vice President, 193 Parliamentary Seats for the National Assembly and 462 Councillor Seats across 35 Councils.

The organization of these elections is, as many of you know, one of the biggest and most complex operations undertaken in Malawi. The logistics and resources involved
are massive, as well as the efforts required to mobilize the population at large.

As such, we cannot and could not have organized these elections without the support of the government, the political parties, civil society organizations and the support of our international partners, who have also given their contribution to this massive effort.

We, as MEC, wish to congratulate and thank all Malawians for demonstrating their commitment towards Malawi’s democracy. We are grateful for the efforts and support
received from numerous groups that have enriched this process.

Across the country, non-governmental organisations, faith based organisations and community based organisations have worked hard in their communities to educate and mobilize voters. As you will shortly hear, these efforts have resulted in strong voter turnout.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In all races there has been more than one candidate, and there can only be one winner in each race. The competition has been vigorous. Allow me to take the opportunity to
highlight that the Commission appreciates the statements and actions of all competitors in accepting defeat in a dignified and peaceful manner.

This is indeed the warm heart of Africa. This is indeed our country.

For any competitor that feels they have a justifiable claim to challenge the results – within our laws, candidates have seven days in which to submit an electoral petition to the High Court.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

For Parliamentary elections a total of one thousand two hundred and ninety two (1,292) candidates from seventeen (17) parties and four hundred and seventeen (417) independent candidates competed. Two hundred and sixty one (261) of these candidates were women.

For Local Councilor elections two thousand four hundred and twelve (2, 412) candidates from eighteen (18) parties and five hundred and seventy six (576) independent
candidates have competed. Of these four hundred and nineteen (419) women competed.
In order to increase the participation of women as candidates, the Commission provided a 25% discount for nomination fees. Women are a crucial voice in our society.
The role and need for greater female representation has been a feature of many international and national observer reports.

As such, the Commission would use this opportunity to urge all political parties to do more for the representation of women through their party machinery in the period between elections. Women make up more than 50% of Malawians and should be well represented in every elected body throughout our land.

The results that we are about to announce show the interest and strength of participation that Malawians hold for all levels of government:

Ladies and Gentlemen, five million, two hundred and thirty four thousand, five hundred and six (5,234,506) votes were cast in parliamentary elections, representing 70.07% of
registered voters. Of these votes, seventy four thousand, six hundred and thirty-four (74,634) votes or 1.43% were deemed null and void.

For the Local Government Elections in the year of 2000, allow me to remind you that voter turnout was a mere 14%. In these elections five million, one hundred and fifty three thousand, nine hundred and ninety-three (5,153,993) votes were cast. This represents 68.99% of registered voters. Of these, one hundred and twenty-one thousand, one hundred and seventy votes (121,170) or 2.35% were deemed to be null and void.

The Commission is satisfied with the way the electoral process was conducted in an orderly, calm and peaceful manner. The level of null and void votes across all races was historically low for Malawi. Let me assure all voters that your Commission has done its best to act inclusively throughout the election period, honoring its commitment to Malawi’s citizens and all political parties. As has been noted in the
European Union’s Observation report, these elections have been transparent and inclusive to define solutions to address the challenges that arose.

This has not been an easy task, but again, one that we took with utmost seriousness. Since the 20th of May, until today, about 300 electoral Commission workers have been present here at the National Tally Center working on shifts to tally the results.

Others have lived through very challenging circumstances while implementing the election on the 20th of May and subsequent days.

As electoral workers and as Malawian citizens we have felt the pressure from the past few weeks. We have felt the eyes of the country on us. I would like to give a word of praise and recognize the efforts of the staff of the Electoral Commission
and the tens of thousands of temporary workers. Thank you for your work and dedication. The results to be announced are the fruit of your efforts and commitment.

It is important that we reflect on the difficulties found, and that we build on this knowledge. There are many lessons we wish to learn ourselves and impart to the next generation of election administrators so their future work is informed by our
current experience.

The Commission has worked diligently to assess each and every election result across all races. Where there has been any doubt we have investigated to be able to announce
results that are credible and genuine. Our determinations on these issues have been forged by a consensus of the Commission, and have therefore been endorsed by all

Ladies and Gentlemen,
It is a privilege to share with you the results tallied in this National Tally Center. Your elected Members of Parliament and Local Councilors have a critical role to play.
Collectively they will be able to identify the Nation’s and community’s needs, and set the goals and action-plans to meet those needs. There will always be competing priorities for limited resources. However, communities will have their voice heard through their duly elected representatives in Councils and the National Assembly.

I wish to congratulate the future Members of Parliament and Local Councilors. This Commission, wishes all the success to our Members of Parliament and Local Councilors in
achieving the goals set to enhance the prosperity of Malawi and Malawians during their tenure. May they find all the necessary support to fulfill their roles and their functions, and lead Malawi toward a bright future.

After the announcement of results, the processes of publication and taking office of Members of Parliament and new Local Councilors will follow.

Notice is hereby given that the following are the results arising from the National Assembly and Local Councilor Elections that took place in four hundred and fifty eight (458) wards and one hundred and ninety two (192) Constituencies.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
allow me to make the formal declaration of the Parliamentary results.

[Commissioners to Announce Parliamentary Determinations]

Ladies and Gentlemen, the formal declaration of the Local Government Elections is

ZODIAK radio and MBC Television will now announce the official results for the Local Government Elections.

Thank you and God Bless You

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