Tuesday, April 1, 2014


The Director of the Forum for Peace and Justice (FPJ) wishes to condemn a development by certain political parties which use words like 'Azimayi a Chisilamu abwere kutsogolo kuno adzavine (Moslem women should come in front and dance) at their rallies. They are reminded that Islam as a religion does not condone or tolerate any form of dancing hence such words are nonstarter and impermissible. However, if
some women or men dressing Islamically or in hijab(for women) opt to dance at these political rallies, they should do so independent of Islam or as individuals. As such, they should be identified by names of their groups not being generalized as Moslem women or Moslem men.

In a related development, the Executive Director of Forum for Peace and Justice is also sending a strong warning to some religious leaders who are moving up and down in mosques and churches telling their members on whom to vote for in the forthcoming general elections. What they should know is that religion is an entity that accommodates members of different political orientations. As such, they should not
be using mosques and churches as venues to campaign for candidates of their choices.

In the same vein, political violence or any form of violence is totally regrettable, primitive and unacceptable in the modern Malawi. As such, there should not be a repeat of what happened at Goliati in Thyolo few weeks ago. We are urging all stakeholders to advocate for violence-free-campaigns as we are fast moving towards the General Elections in May.

Sheikh Ali Makalani
Executive Director

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