Friday, April 18, 2014

Atupele Muluzi's Links To Blood Money From General Omar Al Bashir: A Threat To Democracy And Peace In Malawi And The Region

For Immediate Release

The Forum for National Development (FND) has been compelled as peace loving and national development conscious to come out in the open to question the purported alliance that has been cemented between the United Democratic Front (UDF) Presidential candidate, Mr. Atupele Muluzi, and the Sudanese Head of State General Omar Al Bashir who is wanted by the International Criminal Court in The Hague, Holland as discussed in the media.

This alliance is creating fear since General Al Bashir does not harbour noble's intentions and his interest by funding and bankrolling Muluzi may be aimed at spreading elements of terrorism as the USA noted in Sudan.

We are concerned that General Al Bashir is trying to create a base in Malawi. He is an international pariah after his involvement in the massacre of innocent people in Darfur and he is wanted for genocide and crimes against humanity.

We are calling on the public and the world at large that Malawi's peace and hard won freedom is at stake with millions of blood money being pumped in through Omar Al Bashir's cousin brother in South Africa.

Furthermore, we are appealing on Malawians to maintain the peaceful coexistence that has existed from time immemorial and we are fearful of the potential the alliance is risking the country's dignity for the sake of personal glory and vanity.

We are appealing on other notables players like the Malawi Human Rights Commission (MHRC), Human Right Consultative Committee (HRCC), Public Affairs Committee and Faith Based Organizations to join the hands and fight General Omar Al Bashir's direct involvement in internal affairs of our country and elsewhere.

General Omar Al Bashir is a Persona non grata. Malawi as a nation is playing a meaningful role in the global village and should resist his infiltration of money, political and terrorism influence.

We call upon political parties and individuals aspiring leadership positions to desist from getting financing from sources that are linked to terrorism and
criminals against humanity that brings disrepute to Malawi as we are aware that every funding agency or individuals has special interest in doing so and we can only question the motive of such funding to a country like Malawi as it will do much harm in long run than doing good


Bright Kampaundi, CHAIRPERSON


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