Sunday, December 1, 2013

For Joanna Scislowicz !!!

I wanted to appreciate art today, without necessarily taxing the legs.

So, I let the mind do the work. But the mind was took weak to 'stand'.

And, so, it (the mind) delegated to hands- both hands.

But the hands (in their totality) were feeble and, so, shifted the load to 'nothing'.

And out of 'nothing' came thoughts.

The thoughts came with the picture (call it a vision) of a screen.

It was not a screen per se; it was a monitor. The computer monitor.

The monitor has a certain capability within it; but the capability was not necessarily it's won. It was internet.

And, so, I surfed, trying to appreciate art.

Art in whatever form.

And I came across the website site,

And with it ( came Joanna Scislowicz.

I mean, Joanna Scislowicz's name.

Then, I saw the quotation. Quotations are inspiring, and can, sometimes, send tabernacles of clay (like this) down the airless ground.

But they can uplift. Too.

To boundless mountains.

And blue-less distances.

Whatever it be.

Well, Goodness Joanna Scislowicz!

I liked that quotation.

Want to know how it reads? Go to

But it says: ''There is an air now;
it is so quiet it scares goodness away-
Smoothering bumpy tempers.
Even the sunshine;
so feeble it has this shy smile......''- Richard Chirombo

Oh, Joanna Scislowicz!

You made my day.

Not today.

A long time ago.

Who is Joanna Scislowicz?


The that says:

Joanna graduated from the Academy Of Fine Art in Poznan, Poland Department of Painting in 2006 and then qualified with a masters Degree in Fine Arts-Degree in Painting University of Arts London, Wimbledon in 2009. She has exhibited worldwide and is currently a practising artist at the West London Art Factory.

By using drips of carefully selected and mixed colors, I try to create and express the power and complexity of the most basic human emotions. These emotions; pure and raw as they are, become instigators and catalysts in our lives, forming the purest expressions of our souls. ..

Oh, Joanna Scislowicz;

Not all airs cry!

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