Sunday, September 1, 2013

Ralph Jooma: I Have Never Been Slapped in 30 Years!

Economic Planning and Development Minister, Ralph Jooma, who was reportedly roughed up as he tried to mediate in the wrangle between a crew from the Malawi Broadcasting Corporation Television and irate Muslims who grabbed their camera purportedly for making film without seeking permission, says the reports were not true, further disclosing that he has "never been beaten in 30 years".

Jooma told Zachimalawi that he does not have "ambitions to get beaten, let alone slapped" in the foreseeable future.

"Those reports (of me being beaten) were not true. Someone, some unresponsible journalist who decided to write simply because his or her pen had ink, cooked that story up," Jooma said.

Added Jooma, himself a Muslim: "When I read that story, I laughed. I run for the mirror to check myself up, and all I could see was that my face was as smooth as that of a baby. There no no scratch- because the reports were not true- and I was just as good as I have ever been. I don't even remember when I was beaten in my life."

The Mangochi fiasco has come to an end following the decision by Muslim leaders to release the camera they confiscated, Information and Civic Education Minister, Moses Kunkuyu, has confirmed the development through his Facebook page.

That means, while Jooma still has his "baby face", MBC Television has its camera back!

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