Sunday, September 1, 2013

Mangochi Muslims Surrender MBC TV Camera

After arguments and counter-arguments over the confiscation of a television camera belonging to Malawi Broadcasting Corporation television for what the Mangochi Muslims described as 'disrespect' for a mosque, the issue is water under the bridge, Information and Civic Education Minister Moses Kunkuyu has said.

This follows over eight days of lack of consensus, after Muslim leaders confiscated the camera after accusing a crew from MBC of filming events at a mosque without seeking permission. However, MBC management maintained that permission was sought from local leaders and given.

Immediately after the camera was confiscated, two cabinet ministers- Ibrahim Matola and Ralph Jooma- were embroiled in a scuffle with their fellow Muslim brothers as they attempted to reason with the Mangochi Muslim leaders to release the camera.

But, writing on his Facebook page, Kunkuyu indicated that the issue was out-and-settled.

"(The) Government would like to applaud the Muslims of Mangochi for the wonderful gesture shown by surrendering back to MBC the Camera they confisticated on Saturday 24th Augist 2013. This is in a truly patriotic spirit to our country and in line with the tenets of Islamic teaching of peace."

End of case!

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