Sunday, December 16, 2012

Joyce Banda: Malawi's Leader in Plundering National Resources!

Her endless trips speak volumes.
Her thirst for allowances.
Her half truths about her care for the Malawian people.
Her policy meanderings on the public podium.
Her inner clique of recycled policitians.
Her tendency to run the Malawi nation as if it were another version of Joyce Banda Foundation.
Her stubbornness on requests to cut down on the, almost, never ending trips.
Her stiff necked-ness in zeroing in on Malawi's run away economy.
Her shaking voice, even before a group of primary school kids.
Her uncontrollable, almost irritable, voice when telling off perceived critics.
Her naivety in putting forward her policy goals.
Her failure to spend even four hours in office at Kamuzu Palace, Sanjika Palace, Mzuzu State House, and other State residences are all apparent reasons to point to that undesirable fact: She is not here to rule, but plunder, plunder, plunder, and make hay while the suns shines over her accidental presidency.
Yes, it (the presidency) is like her call is to plunder national resources and get out of power filthily rich!
Who said Joyce Banda was a billionnaire before April 5?
It's even doubtful that she had more than K200 million in her bank account when she became Malawi's president on April 5.
Tha explains- oh, yes!- her failure to declare her assets.
She didn't have much. That's what it means.
Start ruling and not plundering State resources, Joyce Banda!!!

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