Tuesday, December 25, 2012

AUC Chairperson Approves the African Union Commission Long Term Observers/ Expert Mission to Kenya

Press Release Addis Ababa, 24 December, 2012: The Chairperson of the African Union Commission(AUC) has approved the deployment of a Long Term Observers (LTO)/Expert Mission to the scheduled March 4th 2013 General Elections in the Republic of Kenya. This is an initial step towards the institutionalization of African Union Long Term Observation Methodology and in response to calls by the AU Peace and Security Council for more in-depth, thorough and comprehensive Long Terms Observation Mission on the Continent that could inform early political developments in countries holding elections through which the Commission can take necessary preventive measure in order to ensure political stability in the continent. The Mission, first of its kind by the African Union, is in line with key AU democracy and elections instruments such as: • The African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance, • The AU/OAU Declaration on Principle Governing Democratic Elections in Africa, • The AU Guidelines for Elections Observation and Monitoring Missions, • African Charter on Human and Peoples Rights, 1981and • African Union Long-Term Observation Framework The Democracy and Electoral Assistance Unit of the Department of Political Affairs of the African Union Commission, has in effect concluded plans as mandated by the Commission for the deployment of the African Union Long Term Observers (LTO)/ Expert Mission to the Republic of Kenya on 10th January until 15 March 2013. The LTOs are expected to be joined by the Short Term African Union Election Observer Mission on 20th February 2013. The LTO/Expert Mission comprises of experts from different backgrounds including: Electoral Expert Legal and Human Rights Analysts Media Analyst Political and Country Analyst LTO Coordinator (s) and Finance Officer The Mission will remain in constant interaction with the AU Commission and present weekly report to the Chairperson through the Democracy and Electoral Assistance Unit prior to the 4 March 2013 Election.

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