Friday, November 9, 2012

'President Bingu wa Mutharika was Killed!!!'

So declares the main story in the latest edition of 'Pride' Magazine. The magazine, as usual, digs deeper into could, probably, have been the goings-on behind the scenes, as people- intoxicated by the notion that they were out to 'save' Malawians- planned to take an innocent soul away. Of course, innocent a soul it was. But it was not any other soul. It was not an ordinary soul. The soul they clandestinely planned to terminated was the soul of a leader. A leader of 14 million people. A God-chosen leader. Well, for more information, just pick K1,000.00 from your wallet, go to the next Claim Bookshop, BP Filling Station, Peoples Trading Centre outlet (be it Metro, PTC Kwik Save, among others) and you will find- there, standing prominently on the cover page- President Bingu wa Mutharika at the height of his rule! The Death of a Hard-Working Man All those who knew him, and those who worked with him, will tell you that the slain Bingu wa Mutharika was a hard-working man. They will tell you that, not once, did the president ever go to bed before 10 o'clock in the evening. He, kinda, got used to this idea of woorking so hard for himself, and so hard for his country, he became a workaholic. Late in the evening, Bingu could be busy working in his office, busy thinking about how to take Malawi to the next level. No wonder, some people suggested- many a time- that it would have been better had Bingu succeeded the Original Ngwazi, Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda. This came as no surprise. Both leaders were great.They loved their country. They wanted the best for their country. At Ndata, a Visionary Leader is Buried Somehow,it seems- because Bingu now lies peacefully, but dead anyway- under the concret floors of his magnificent Ndata Mansion. But, it is not in the house he lies, and rests, and stays. It is in the cemetery. In the self-built mausoleum he lies, from from the pains of the world. Free from the machinations of murderous me and women. Free from this great conspiracy that sent him to his untimely grave. But Bingu will not rest. He waits to confront his murderers. The way he confronted 'way-ward' development partners here on earth. The man was brunt honest. Donors, disguised as development partners, he called 'stupid'! Exploitative tobacco bosses he either expelled, or called 'stupid'! One British High Commissioner, Fergus Cochraine-Dyet, he expelled. Yes, opposition parties he lambasted. And, sometimes, his opponents 'chickens' he branded! It is only because he was a visioary leader. He knew where he wanted Malawi to be. Tarred roads, across the country he planted. Through the Farm Inputs Subsidy Programme, hunger and food insecurity he defeated. The Kwacha was stable. For calls to devalue it without ready cushioning measures he refused. For that reason, against the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank's proposalshe stood. At the pinnacle of his reign, African Union Chairperson he became. Oh, not once, but twice the Southern African Development Community bloc he chaired. That man, as tall as Bingu was, had a vision that knew no heigh. And this man, according to Pride, they murdered. Victim of Grand Conspiracy Bingu lies at Ndata as a victim of a great conspiracy. A conspiracy whose means was Bingu. A conspiracy whose end was Bingu. Its end is his absence. In his absence, some people have benefitted from that conspiracy of death. Some people are now presidents. Parties that were not voted into power have become ruling parties. It must be real change. Because ful prices go up everyday. The IMF and World Bank have become Malawi's gods! They dictate, Joyce Banda follows. That, people, is a catastrophe. Malawians have a 'follower' and not leader! Who will lead the country? Definitely not the IMF and World Bank! These Breton Woods institutions have no home village in Malawi. No traditional leader knows them! They know themselves!

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