Thursday, November 8, 2012

Nation on the 'Move': Fuel Prices Up. Again!

Malawians better get used to escalating fuel prices every month. Barely a month after the Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority rescinded its own decision to up fuel prices last month- ostensibly due to government pressure, considering that Malawians in Mzimba were going to the polls (voting for Members of Parliament in two By-elections, including in Mzimba South West- the price demons have been released and are biting hard. To cut a long story short, effective 09 November 2012, fuel prices will no longer be the same, and Malawians better get used to paying: Petrol: K606. 30 Diesel: K597.40 Parafin: K590. 00 (for industrial use) Parafin: K171. 00 (for domestic use) Remember, these pump prices are effective 09 Nov 2012. Hokoyo!!!

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