Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Joyce Banda, the Donor-Worshipping President

When a sitting president says that "I will follow whatever the International Monetary Fund (IMF) tells me to do", that leader has no mandate to rule.
In fact, such a leader is telling national citizens that his or her allegiance is not to the people but the IMF; and that, to such a leader, the IMF is the people.
That's where the problem is. The people, as is the case in Malawi, are, mostly, resource-poor.
The IMF, on the other hand, is not. It has, in fact, been reaping people through its blanket call for devaluation.
The IMF bleats of nothing else but devaluation. Devaluation, in turn, breaks lives.
Take, for instance, the case of maize farmers. The 49 percent devaluation of the Kwacha has come two months after this year's harvest. Perhaps two months after the farmers sold their maize at the old rates.
How they survive now is anybody's guess.
At the best, looking at the way Joyce Banda has started, the President is wearing over-sized shoes.
She is selling the Malawian people, too; so sad she has sold the nation to her expediency to appease the currency-less, citizens-less, national anthem-less IMF.
In the process, she has made all the people sick.
A leader who 'gives' all power to the IMF is- like the IMF- not ready for the job.
What can you say the IMF has achieved in Africa, if not performing its rightful role of perpetuating poverty by making the people poorer and poorer, while their leaders get richer and richer.
Sure, Joyce Banda will get reacher  before 2014. It is theIMF that makes the cash-rollers move- ever and ever into the pockets of African leaders.
They start up great- all the leaders- and end up worse than they were at  the scene of their birth: Naked, bare, and dependent.

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