Friday, March 23, 2012

Jumbe Faction Refuses to Speak on Atupele Arrest

Bad blood may be thicker than yellow.
The United Democratic Front (UDF) faction led by Friday Jumbe has refused to speak on Atupele Muluzi, the arrested son to former State President and UDF national chairperson Bakili.
Jumbe told Zachimalawi on Friday he could only speak "competently" on the issue once Atupele writes a report to the "UDF presidency" on what has actually happened.
"Without that report from him, the party cannot be in a position to speak out on the issue," Jumbe said.
"You know that the UDF has so many members; millions and millions of members, in fact. It will, therefore, be strange to be commenting on issues to do with each and every member in the absence of any report. It will be like commenting on hearsay," Jumbe added.
Jumbe said, however, that "it is unfortunate that Malawi is sliding back into dictatorship, and, as the UDF, we will not allow the country to go to the dogs".
The former governing UDF is split in factions, with Jumbe, Humphreys Mvula, among others, belonging to the Jumbe camp. On the other hand is Atupele, whose faction includes such UDF figures as Kennedy Makwangwala, Ibrahim Matola, and UDF members in Parliament.
But UDF Leader of the House (in Parliament), Matola has urged all party factions to unite, "and get rid of the rot in our democracy".
Atupele was arrested for "inciting" violence and defying Lilongwe District Commissioner office's 'order' not to address a political rally in a week the Public Affairs Committee made headlines for asking President Bingu wa Mutharika to either resign if he fails to rectify Malawi's current challenges, or call for a referendum after 90 days.
But Mutharika, addressing a meeting during Thursday's World Water Day event in Mangochi, has said he is not game to resigning.
"Bingu does not run away from responsibility," Mutharika said, to the dismay of PAC officials out to oust him.

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