Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bingu is an Elephant- Sidik Mia

Public Works Minister, Sidik Mia, has described President Bingu wa Mutharika as an 'elephant' that invades a village, and keeps on moving forward, despite facing a horde of barking dogs.
This is an apparent reference to Mutharika's detractors. They include civil society organisations, Non-Governmental Organisations, the news media, among others, according to a Press Statement signed by State House spokesperson, Albert Mungomo.
Mia, speaking on Sunday during the inauguration ceremony of the Blantyre-Zomba Road attended by Mutharika, said Mutharika would keep on working for the goodness of Malawi, despite all the detractors.
"As we approach 2014, the President will keep on inaugurating one road or another. The opposition will have nothing to inaugurate.
"In fact, these people will keep on barking like dogs. You know what happens when an elephant leaves the wild and invades a village: dogs will bark and bark. But the elephants remains unperturbed and goes on doing its business.
"The most astonishing thing is that the barking dogs do not bite the elephant; they just bark and bark, and do nothing else. President Mutharika will keep on inaugurating roads and development projects while his detractors are wasting time barking," Mia said.
The President has since named the road the John Chilembwe Highway.

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