Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hoping on Hope

Hope, the steel bars of every plan, can take people places- places they have never been to before.
Hope- which becomes regret, those times when 'if only' befriends the knee- has helped people die in vain, if not in the vanity plain, on the 'understanding' that, someday, tomorrow is meant to be better than yesterday.
It is so simple to understand this. Yesterday, the elder brother to this expiring day, came as a surprise to you and me. We were less experienced.
Today, with yesterday's experience, we are mature. Perhaps strong. We must be ready for what may, today, us befall.
That is the understanding. This understanding is premised on the supposition that yesterday, today and tomorrow are generations.
Yesterday was the (not 'a') generation. A generation of yesterday.
Today is a generation. The generation of today.
And, so, will tomorrow be. Tomorrow's generation.
It is better said than elucidated.
But simple to comprehend, all the same.
Now, let's go on this path of 'generations'; this path about (let's call it) the 'generations of time".
Yesterday. Generation.
Today. Generation.
Tomorrow. Generation.
It makes sense. Because all generations are based on time. All generations are counted against time. All generations are premised on time.
That is, time and generations are all the same. They are one.
Like body like spirit. The two are one.
If not in form, at least in purpose.
The purpose that begets unity. The unity that builds on the spirit.
Let's make it simple.
Yesterday (for this is what all this is about) is supposed to mold us into better, prepared citizens.
Yesterday is, on its on, supposed to be a teacher.
A teacher to individuals. A teacher to nations.
That is how animals (wild and tame) flourish.
They may not have the 'knowledge' of the human being. They may not be as brainy as the human being.
But they have a 'brain' that does not belong to them. This brain has no cells.
This brain has no skull.
In fact, it is not a brain that 'rests' at the end of that, often, stretched organ called the 'neck'.
No. The brain of the animals is 'yesterday' (or time).
That is why, when a tiger tastes human fresh, it will develop that habit. It is not developed out of instinct. No, it is out of time- a sense of what happened yesterday.
Now, if animals can so behave- on the strength of yesterday- what more with humans.
Why, if a question may be asked, can't human beings find solutions to fuel, forex, whatever, shortages they may have.
Based on this other brain: yesterday.
Others call it experience.

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