Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Good Governance Should Start in Opposition Parties

Governance has become the buzz-word even to people who cannot answer, at first instance, on what figure of speech it is.
That is how things go nowadays, anyway; people get so much used to what they do not know. They, then, sing it like a song.
They may not understand the meaning, they may not understand the meaning behind the meaning; but they will sing, anyway, because the neighbour sings, too.
That is the danger with some words. Their meaning gets lost in the maze of excitement; yes, it gets lost in the bushes of misunderstanding.
This bush has become to be called democracy nowadays, a bush in which many get lost, and afew find their way to the village of tradition and sense- a village inhabited by the Aubunthu.
But it is not the few who find the right way who win; the stakes are stuck in favour of the many who have lost their way to Ubunthu Village. Those who wonder about looking for answers to questions that come naturally.
The right way, for once, can be lost in so many ways. There is semantic noise, that mist between the road of clarity and understanding. There is ignorance. There is misinformation. And many things, also.
But the right still has its way of standing its ground.
And justice always prevails.
However, there seems to be justice and honesty crises ripping through Malawi's opposition parties. Opposition leaders, it seems, have gotten intoxicated with words that have, for long, gotten married and stuck to democracy.
One such word is good governance- a word that took centre-stage at the turn of multiparty democracy in 1994.
Now, you hear all sorts of opposition leaders yapping this term 'good governance'. They have even made it a game to toss President Bingu wa Mutharika with it. What they do is set the word good governance over the jags of political campaigns, rhetoric, propaganda and misinformation, and make it appear as if the public service has no jags of its own, no measurement systems, no...

Heysh, my time is gone. I will continue next time! Sorry for that.

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