Friday, April 24, 2009

The future in a box: May 19, 2009

Come shake the future's back,
Lying idly in a poorly ventilated box,
Your stroke,
The vote is a stroke,
Awakening the powers through the ballot,
On May 19, 2009 as you go to vote.

In the little speechless box,
What? They call it ballot box
You may, again, stroke the future awake
So that again,
The future for five years may again be born.

The next light,
Let's put it two dark nights,
Another future is born
The Third Republic,
Stroked alive by Malawians,
Eager, strong- to shake the living ballot box.

See you again my friend,
When again the ballot we stroke.
A soft paper that is,
The voters' certificate,
To stroke the future again awake.
Five whole years; the future that couldn't be awake.

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