Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Electoral body urges no panic over electoral calendar

By Richard Chirombo
The Electoral Commission (EC) has dispelled fears Malawi could miss out on the May 19, 2009 Parliamentary and Presidential elections date in the wake of delays to finish the Voters’ Roll verification process in good time.
The Voters’ Roll verification process is yet to be finalized, a development that has prompted the EC to cast its net wide in search of personnel, culminating into advertisement messages for prospective workers to come forth. It is intimated that the process could take five days, with prospects for extension.
EC Spokesperson, Fegus Lipenga, said the development should not scare voters, as everything was still under control.
“Nothing has changed, in terms of the dates for the elections. In fact, that is what we are working towards in all our efforts and preparation. We strongly believe that we will finish the verification process in good time,” said Lipenga.
Lipenga said everything was going according to plan, though developments enveloping the issue of voters’ verification could not have been foreseen. All the same, there was no need to press the panic baton, he said.
Some political parties have expressed concern over delays to finish off with the verification process, saying that could affect timing of the elections.

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