Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Love: the Malawian way

A mother of two has been divorced in Salima- a Lakeshore district in Central Malawi- for holding her mouth while his Tuberculosis-infected husband coughed, without holding the mouth, and the germs!
Why? That's unMalawian.
In Malawi, love means:
When your husband, wife, friend, relative, guardian, and anyone acquainted with you, coughs don't hold your mouth or dodge. That is not love. Because, you may miss the germs. That's not being a true Malawian. Leave the germs of TB, whatever, flow into your system, freely. And get infected. That is love.
Getting infected for the love of someone you know. Even if they die, and you die. You will meet them in heaven, without TB, or HIV and AIDS, or what.
That is love. The Malawian way.

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